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Reception (4-5 years)

Apple Class

Damson Class

Pear Class

There are 3 Classes in Reception, each with their own Class teacher and Teaching Assistant(s). The Reception day is made up of whole class sessions, small group work, and independent learning time.

During independent learning time the children in Reception have access to all three classrooms and to an outdoor area, this is either the garden or the courtyard.  The outdoor areas are open whatever the weather. The Reception day starts with a 20 minute whole class ‘Synthetic Phonics’ session, during which small groups are taken out by Teaching Assistants to practise specific reading/writing skills. In the classrooms adults facilitate learning through challenge activities linked to the seven areas of learning and development. The children learn through ‘Guided Discovery’, following and developing their areas of interest while being challenged to try out new experiences and learn new skills. Opportunities are planned daily for the children to work on their Next Steps and Targets.

Past Topics have included: Journey of the Dragon, Fan-ta-stick, Super Sparky Science.

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