Parent support advisor

The PSA role at Lionwood Infant and Nursery school is a role that nationally schools are able to access or have in post within their schools.

Our parent support advisor is Glenda Prior

You can contact her by calling the school office number (01603 433957) and pressing 3. You’re also likely to see her at the school gates at drop off and collection time. She is always happy to chat and will fit you in where she can. If you would like a longer conversation, give her a ring to arrange a suitable time. 

The PSA gives the school a direct link for the parents to attach to a qualified advisor in family and child health, care and development. The PSA also has community access to local help groups and providers to enhance care and security for all. They can support and monitor children in school whilst helping parents to share and solve problems that everyday life encounters.

The support mechanism they provide can come from education and health professionals, established specialist groups or from the voluntary sector. The PSA has a wide knowledge of all current benefit systems and the processes that help to complete the forms in a way to assist the family.

Currently (due to Covid) we do not have any Parent Groups taking place but hope to have these up and running SOON. 

Mrs Prior is linked to the ‘International Friendship Group’ that takes place at St Matthew’s Church on Friday mornings 9-1. 
A drop in group for women of all nationalities . An opportunity to share culture and food as well as individual support with English. Pre-school children welcome. All dietary needs are catered for. No need to book.

We are also excited to be working on a range of parenting sessions on topics such as sleep, diet, screen time, behaviour and lots more. WATCH THIS SPACE for more information.