Our curriculum

Our ambitious curriculum is designed to inspire a love of learning and ensure that every learning experience counts. Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum.  It is broad and balanced and provides a framework for children to learn increasingly challenging concepts throughout their time at Lionwood.  Real life experiences are provided for the children in order for them to use and apply their knowledge in a range of contexts

Throughout their time at Lionwood our children are encouraged to be adventurous in their learning by experimenting, exploring and testing out new ideas. 

We celebrate success and we also embrace our mistakes, at Lionwood we are growing in to resilient life-long learners.


The main aims of our curriculum are:

  • To ensure all children have the core skills necessary to access Key Stage 2 by the end of Key Stage 1, irrespective of their starting points.
  • To ensure all children develop a love of learning and an appreciation of how education enriches life.
  • To ensure all children develop and grow as members of our learning community, with the personal skills and attitudes which will help them to make the most of the opportunities they get beyond school.

Our curriculum:

  • Is underpinned by our aims, values and purpose including ‘every learning experience counts.’
  • Promotes our belief that we are all different and all equal through every subject.
  • Is broad and balanced – every subject is taught as a discrete discipline with subject specific knowledge as well as an interconnecting part of the whole curriculum.
  • Has clear progression from EYFS to Year 2.
  • Is flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests.
  • Makes links with the major issues of our time.
  • Has a local, national and international dimension.
  • Is filled with rich, first-hand, purposeful experiences which help pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of abstract concepts.
  • Provides opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.
  • Is only as good as its implementation.
  • Prioritises thinking over task completion.

The purpose of our curriculum is to:

  • To prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of continued education and modern life.
  • To take pupils beyond their experience in a way that helps them to acquire powerful knowledge.
  • To inspire a life-long love of learning for its own sake.
  • To inspire and prepare them for economic success and cultural participation.
  • To teach children how to learn and develop positive learning behaviours.
  • To ensure our children can achieve the highest outcomes.
  • To empower children to become the authors of their own life-stories.
  • Gives children opportunities to build cultural capital.

Early Years Foundation Stage

In Nursery and Reception, children learn through taught sessions led by the class teacher and through independent learning time.  Taught sessions will include a sharp focus on areas of Mathematics, Communication, Language and Literacy, phonics and PSED that will enable the children to access the learning set up for that day.  During independent learning time, children have opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills both indoors and outside.

The children in the EYFS each have personalised targets for reading, writing and maths and are assessed against the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception year.


At Lionwood Infant and Nursery School we strive to make maths fun, engaging and interesting for all children. Our curriculum is designed to be accessible for all and will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement.

Our teaching in Mathematics has been inspired by research and practice which uses a mastery approach to teaching the National Curriculum and is supported by the North Norwich Cluster Calculation Policy.

We want our children to be able to apply the key skills of learning in a variety of practical concepts to give meaning to maths using real – life opportunities and develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Please see our Calculations Policy and Programmes of Study below for further information.

IST Calculations Policy Sept 2019
(you will need a Powerpoint viewer or application to view this)

Programme of Study Year 1
Programme of Study Year 2


The acquisition of English skills and knowledge (Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) is vital to the success of children across the whole curriculum now, and in their future.  Our teaching ensures that children:

  • Learn to read, write and speak with enthusiasm, confidence and expression.
  • Develop a love of language through the creation of a rich, creative and stimulating literary environment in which skills, knowledge and understanding can be developed
  • Are exposed to a wide variety of high quality texts.
  • Have opportunities to discuss, plan, draft, revise, rethink and finalise work.
  • Have opportunities to explore own ideas and writing style through personal choices of reading and writing.
  • Are encouraged to listen with attention, respecting the views and opinions of others.
  • Develop the skills to present ideas to a range of audiences verbally and through drama.
  • Develop a rich vocabulary and knowledge of a range of writers’ work.

The teaching of English enables children to experience a range of texts and follow creative pathways from the themes of the book that the class is studying.  These high quality texts provide a range of creative writing opportunities.

Please see below some of the documents that are used for planning our English curriculum. 

English Coverage across the Lionwood Federation

English Progression of Learning Year 1

English Progression of Learning Year 2

Curriculum Map

If you would like any further information relating to our curriculum, please speak to your child’s teacher or arrange an appointment with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  We also hold year group meetings at the beginning of every term which is an excellent opportunity to find out what exciting events and activities will be taking place during the year.

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